We can do more!

The journey to sustainability is ongoing and it’s one that Rushden Lakes and it’s businesses are committed to. Here’s what we are already doing to support across four key areas:

Responsible waste management is one of the cornerstone philosophies of Rushden Lakes and is at the heart of everything we do

  • We have a Waste Management policy in place that requires all staff and suppliers to comply with
  • Rushden Lakes does not send any waste to landfill, any unrecyclable waste is processed in a ‘Waste to energy’ facility
  • From 1st April 2022 Rushden Lakes introduced a managed waste system for our food & beverage businesses to improve recycling processes including segregation from food contamination
  • Waste creation and recycling levels are monitored on a monthly basis
  • We have both general waste bins and recycling bins for our staff and visitors

We strive to make travelling to and from Rushden Lakes sustainable, active and easy

  • In 2021 we partnered with Brightwayz to update our active travel plan designed to reduce our carbon footprint and highlight sustainable travel, our partnership continues in 2022
  • Proudly the first shopping centre to achieve National STARS Accreditation and have been awarded with a Bronze level Modeshift STARS for our work on sustainable travel
  • We have POD Point charge points for electric vehicle charging which are free to use
  • Free to use cycle racks across the site
  • Bus stop with plenty of services running between Rushden Lakes and surrounding villages and towns
  • In June 2022 we offered a free cycle security marking and repair service for staff and visitors
  • We work closely with Stagecoach to review bus timetables and routes
  • Step-free access footbridge to make it easy to get here on foot from Rushden Town centre
  • Promote the use of the local greenway to encourage visitors to use walking and cycling routes
  • In September 2021 we held our first Sustainable Travel event, visitors were incentivised to travel car-free!
  • Running a trial of VOI electric scooters to encourage visitors to try out a solar powered mode of transport

We are proud of our environment and do our best to protect it

  • Rushden Lakes has an environmental team to ensure our areas are well kept and free from litter
  • Rushden Rangers takes place every summer in partnership with The Wildlife Trust – a free, family club that provides a great opportunity to get outdoors together! A time to learn about the local environment, how you can care for it and how to protect nature
  • Rushden Lakes has an environmental team to ensure our areas are well kept and free from litter
  • In February 2022 we gave away free seed balls to our visitors – seed balls are an easy and sustainable way to cultivate plants in a way that provides a larger window of time when the sowing can occur!
  • We have green roofs on 2 buildings and a large bank of solar PV arrays
  • Construction here was done with a 98% waste recycling target, which was met
  • Majority of our heating and cooling facilities have high energy efficiency ratings
  • Garden Square was created with nature in mind with bird boxes, bug hotels and late fruiting trees

Our community is very important to us and we recognise that we are a source of social connection 

  • We have a community board on the boardwalk to highlight activities and events in our local area
  • We work closely with Rushden and Higham Ferrers Town Council to support and promote their activities and businesses
  • We host Heritage day once a year run by the local councils to raise awareness of the local area and local businesses
  • In 2020 we hosted our first Handmade & Vintage Fair and again in 2021 & 2022! The fair supports local, independent businesses
  • We welcome charities on site to raise awareness and collect donations, since opening we’ve welcomed over 20 to Rushden Lakes including Mind and The Poppy Appeal
  • In 2020 & 2021 over 100 gifts and donations were collected for Kettering General Hospital and Serve
  • Local businesses are able to use our community sheds for additional promotion
  • We run competitions regularly on our social media to give back to our community
  • On the last Sunday of every month we host a Food and Drinks fair run by Pop Up Planners