New Product Range and In-store Service in Boots!

No7 has created its Derm Solutions range and enhanced its in-store expert services in response to the growing need for skin health products and expertise among British shoppers.

The launch follows more than ten years of research into the healthy skin category. The Derm Solutions range comprises five core products to help maintain the skin’s barrier and deliver visibly healthy, balanced looking skin in 4 weeks and four targeted treatment solutions addressing specific skin problems.

The core products include a cleanser and moisturiser for oily skin, a cleanser and moisturiser for dry skin, plus a clinically proven serum that uniquely balances both oily and dry skin. The targeted treatment solutions include products tackling specific skin issues including blemishes, and aspects of rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.

No7 is introducing a free in-store service with its CIBTAC-qualified No7 Beauty Advisors. Each of No7’s 1,400 Beauty Advisors has undertaken healthy skin training as part of No7’s CIBTAC accredited Skin School programme and is accessible in Boots Rushden Lakes.

Ask in store for more details.

[IMAGE – A white and green bottle for Dry and Sensitive skin]