Latest news from the community garden!

It might seem that we are having a long, damp and very wet winter this year, but here at the Nene Wetlands we definitely feel the spring vibes. The crocuses, daffodils and some early tulips are blooming happily in the spring bulb lasagne planters-created by the children at our October family open day at the community garden, and our regular community groups have been very busy indeed with preparing for our second growing season.

In the last couple of months Cando Care clients visited for some garden related activities. They planted some spider plants (spiderettes kindly donated by Katharine from our Northants office) and we also did some planning for the sowing and planting season. We organised our vegetable seeds and made a plan chart with colourful vegetable and fruit info cards, skilfully decorated by the group members. They are all very excited about March, when the `real` gardening work is going to start, and they have big plans for this year! The group would like to enter the Higham Ferrers Horticultural Show with this years vegetables from the Rushden Lakes Community Garden. One of their clients who is a very keen participant at our sessions already won several prizes at last years show with his homegrown products, so they have an expert to help them to victory, fingers crossed.

In February Rushden Lakes kindly offered us some wooden planters which are not needed on site anymore. We decided to upcycle these, and two of the groups worked very hard this week to get them ready for future use in the community garden. Headway East Northants group had a busy afternoon with repairing, sanding down and lining two of the planters. The following day two more planters were prepared in the same way by Growild Outreach group, and they had a second session for painting the planters too. Both groups are looking forward to get these ready for a spring display in the garden, during their March sessions.

Growild Outreach group have also been busy with tidying up the outdoors planters in front of the Visitor Centre. They cut back the plants and took some of the stems to the community garden and filled up some of the gaps of the insect hotel with them. They sanded down the planters, so they are ready to be painted very soon-we are just waiting for a dry and sunny day when this will be possible… As every year, Bosworth’s Garden Centre will be kindly providing plants and create the displays for us for the enjoyment of our visitors.

In the upcoming weeks we will start sowing seeds for indoor growing, as well as continue working on some upcycled planters, including two large ones, also donated to us by Rushden Lakes. These will be located in the garden area and some more donated cherry trees will be put in soon.

Other garden related news: with the funds from a recent successful funding application we will be installing a shed, an outdoor cooking station will be built, and Moulton College students and tutors will be creating and installing a picnic bench with seats, and a pergola over the existing bench too, for much needed shade. This will enable us to deliver outdoors cooking sessions to families, and educate them about sustainability and how to use up the fruits and vegetables they can grow at home or in the community garden.

We are also super excited about the launch of our new Family Wildlife Gardening Club. This is aimed at local, urban families and will be starting in April with a launch session supported by Rushden Lakes, with a follow up session during the easter holidays, so fingers crossed for dry weather!

We also have some school visits and open days planned in the next few months at the garden area, and some lovely new information boards/ signs are going to be installed too, so here’s to a busy spring season.

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