Relax at home with Magazine Heaven!

With many people now at home it appears to be the perfect time to pick up some great reads! Not only does Magazine Heaven (born and bred here at Rushden Lakes) house more magazines than any other retailer within the UK, but you are also able to purchase their vast range of titles online here. That means your favourite reads are delivered straight to your door!

Store Director Eloise Capocci has given her recommendations and a flavour of the range of topics & titles:

Looking for that niche fashion title? Or maybe your interests lie in home interiors or foreign language editions? Whatever takes your fancy, Magazine Heaven will have something to cater to your hobby, pastime or profession. My top picks for quarantine reading material include;

1). Wonderland (£9.95) - Independently published magazine offering a unique perspective on the best new and established talent across all popular culture including fashion, film, music and art. A must have!

2). Dirty Furniture (£11) - Design magazine that uncovers the relationship between people and the things they live with.

3). Yoga Journal (£4.95) - Your go-to yoga guide for 40 years. Read for all things asana: poses, sequences, practice tips, meditation and more…

4). 1820 Magazine (£18) - Experience Italy’s gastronomy through its most excellent and genuine protagonists!

5). Conker (£9) - Conker challenges the ordinary and explores the reality of different marginalising experiences. Obliterating the silence surrounding mental health, eating disorders, racism, gender based discrimination and much more.

Enter your destination for discovery at Magazine Heaven…