Celebrate Independents/Small Businesses – Part 2

Continuing to support Rushden Lakes independent businesses, we caught up with more of our small businesses on site. Hopmaster: The Reserve Hopmaster: The Reserve provide is Rushden Lakes independent bar venue bringing you:
  • A superb range of beer, cider, wine, spirits, cocktails and soft drinks
  • Live music and events
  • Televised sports
  • Exciting collaborations and products from other independent businesses
  • The place to meet family & friends and have a great time
We caught up with Tom who works for the independent bar and he says: Tom: For me I find working for an independent business so rewarding because it's like a blank canvas for ideas, any and all ideas from staff members or suggestions from customers are welcomed and listened to. There is a real family atmosphere between staff where everyone feels comfortable talking to anyone, whether you're a glass collector, or the owner. When you see something make a difference that was your idea, or put smiles on customer's faces, there's nothing that beats that from a work perspective for me.   MOOCH MOOCH is full of treats and treasures! As well as gorgeous gifts, you'll also find a carefully curated range of fabulous greeting cards, and they'll even wrap your gifts making them ready to hand over (or ready for you unwrap yourself when you get home)! We caught up with owners Rachel and Paul about owning this beautiful independent, located in Garden Square: Rachel and Paul: We LOVE being at Rushden Lakes - as a small independent business we feel really lucky to be working alongside all the big names in retail. It's so lovely for us to be able to bring something different every week to all the customers that are visiting; we are always on the lookout for new things, including lots of local and handmade items and we'll always bring lots of quirky and unusual products - there's always something new to see in MOOCH. Our team love meeting all the fabulous customers (including the four legged visitors!) and getting to know the regulars and we love it when customers come for a little mooch in MOOCH     AJ Cycles AJ Cycles is an independent run cycle store. They pride themselves on their customer service and 'family feel' to every customer who walks through the doors. Speaking to Paul (AJ Cycles owner) we found out more about what it's like running an independent business: Paul: I've always been local and have been running this business for 15 years. We pride ourselves on great cycling products backed with excellent customer service. All that work at AJ Cycles are enthusiastic about bikes, we all ride and enjoy the sport. We're a family friendly store, and have a vast knowledge on all the items in store.   Chi Chi is a melding of authentic Asian street food offering Bao Buns, Banh mi and rice and noodle bowls.  Chi has grown from their love and passion for the favours and freshness of street food.  They pride themselves on their quality and detail of mirroring the authentic colourful Asian taste.  All their products are prepared from scratch using raw ingredients with no preservatives or additives. Wendy: We are very happy to bring a brand new Chi to Rushden Lakes. The support has been excellent and we cannot wait to welcome the local community and bring job opportunities and great service to our guests. Remember to tag us in Instagram #myrushdenlakes