Wellbeing Buys To Get You Ready For Winter

Wellbeing Buys To Get You Ready For Winter By Charlene Bent, Stylenewsuk.com With darker starts to our mornings and the sun setting much earlier on our days, it’s only natural to feel a slight shift in our mood. The harsh temperatures can leave your skin feeling dry, itchy, and even chapped. And while we may naturally end up spending more time indoors at this time of year, it offers the perfect opportunity to try a wellbeing routine. We scoured the No.1 retail destination to find the perfect buys to see you through the season. We’ve taken notes from the expert staff onsite to ensure you buy everything you’ll need to feel alert and boost you for your winter days ahead along with some essential oils and aromatherapy picks set to help you unwind and relax at home.   M&S Our first stop was Marks and Spencer. We all know how delicious their food range is but they have the perfect juice and smoothie shots to nourish, energise and get you on top form. From Gut Health with pineapple, mango, coconut milk and turmeric, to Defence to fight against cold and flu symptoms with apple, cucumber, pineapple, and spinach. Food manager Danielle talked us through the collection advising that you can simply choose according to the kind of day you’re having.   We then stepped into the heavenly Beauty section which is simply a hub for all things aromatherapy and glam combined. We explored the Sleep range infused with lavender. The Hand Wash is a great buy to keep you feeling calm throughout your day. And the pulse points are a great addition if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or simply to help you relax before bed. Be sure to browse the new loungewear and PJ’s that are ultra-comfy too! They’re the perfect sets to dive into before you curl up on the sofa with your favourite show or a good book by the fireplace.   Boots Boots offer an array of must have Wellbeing essentials for this time of year. Sales Associate Becky walked us through the aisles where she pulled all the things, we often don’t consider enough but urgently need our attention at this time of year.   For dry and cracked nails, Sally Hansen have the perfect solution with this Nail Rehab product. The treatment formula instantly hides imperfections whilst strengthening your nails. Becky also advised another area we need to be sure not to neglect is our hair. Winter is known for resulting in dry and split ends as we often opt for easy buns and ponytails, but a little TLC with this Hair Xpertise Argan Oil treatment, will keep our hair revitalised, shiny and silky smooth. But she didn’t stop there, high on her wellbeing agenda was O’Keeffe’s lip repair long lasting hydration. It’s an unscented overnight lip repair treatment for chapped and dry lips.   Holland and Barrett Our next stop was one of the world’s leading health and wellness retailers and the largest in Europe, Holland & Barrett. Bursting with a supply of vitamins, minerals, health supplements, specialist foods and natural beauty products. Store Assistant Becca greeted me at the door where she talked me through her essential buys as we go into the colder months. “The Immune Support Tea is rich in elderberry which is a great form of Vitamin C to support immunity and echinacea which is great to take at the first sign of a cold. The Digest Tea helps to soothe and calm the digestive system and the Calm Tea is perfect in times of stress. Great to unwind and feel calm. It’s spiced with chamomile making it the perfect autumnal drink.” With her top teas in my basket, the must have Vitamin D supplements were next on her agenda. “It’s recommended that everyone take these between October and March. It helps support your immunity, mood and bone health.”   Superdrug Super store Superdrug offer all you need to indulge in a ritual for gorgeous healthy skin. From a vegan B. range to specialist brands, you’ll find everything you need to treat and protect your most precious asset. Beauty specialist Lele recommended a selection of face masks that are just the right treatment when you’re feeling rundown. Her top picks included the Black Seaweed, Dead Sea, Turmeric from the Superdrug collection. And to add to your daily routine, the Vitamin E Skincare all over body cream with Hibiscus extract. It’s a charity edition with 15% of each cream sold donated to Marie Curie. It’s the buy that keeps on giving!   L'Occitane To end our fabulous pampering trip our last stop was the luxurious L’Occitane. As I stepped in the aromatherapy scents greeted my senses and left me feeling overwhelmed with delight. With so much to browse and explore, the lovely staff guided me into the direction of some must-have treats such as the Lavender Bath Foam. Nothing beats a nice warm bath at the end of a long day and L’Occitane have the ultimate foam with essential oils from Provence as part of their heritage range. With a promise to massage you with its moisturising formula, this product is clearly designed to make you feel your best. To add to the ambience, light their Douceur Immortelle candle and enjoy a scent of sheer bliss as you indulge in your bath ritual. And just before you turn out the lights and get tucked up in bed, be sure to spray their Cocon de Serenite relaxing pillow mist.