Let’s make time for self-care

We must take time for ourselves when we’re constantly on the go. Whether we’re the parents constantly running our children around, homeowners feeling like we’re forever tidying our kitchens or in the thick of noise and busy working lives - we should take time out and focus on ourselves every once in a while. At Rushden Lakes, we offer a variety of shops, experiences or spaces to unwind, destress and treat ourselves. 

We’ve curated an environment that encourages taking care of your well-being and what better place to start than at the Nene Wetlands Nature Reserve? This free-to-access walk allows you to step away from the hustle and bustle and into a serene environment covered with beautiful trees, benches to take a moment to relax and plenty of wildlife en route. Just 30 minutes of exercise can increase mood, blood flow and energy - ready to tackle whatever your day has ahead of you.

If you’re looking to take five, our Happy To Chat benches encourage visitors to sit, interact and have a chat. It is part of our wider aim to help break down social barriers and feelings of loneliness which can be extremely common and they are there to provide a sense of community within our Garden Square courtyard. 

When it comes to retail therapy, we are your obvious Northamptonshire choice and our stores take wellbeing very seriously. Our curated set of stores is a great way to pop in to get the latest advice on all things well-being. Holland & Barrett offer an experienced team of advisors who can help on various healthcare topics such as understanding your vitamins, menopause, healthy eating, skincare and more. 

Similarly, Boots has pharmacy services where you can seek advice on products to help you feel better from the inside out and can support vaccinations and health guidance. The store also offers a world of beauty treats to put a pep in your step from indulgent bubble baths, glowing fake tans, a new makeup trend or a wide variety of skincare products for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 

If going glam with your lashes, nails, brows and hair helps you to feel more you, then BrowWow has a menu for you to choose from. Have your full list of treatments done in one convenient place with a friendly team of ladies who are excited to help you feel more confident and fresh again. 

Superdrug also offers its Beauty Studio where you can pop in for all things hair, nails, piercings and more. They offer appointments throughout the day and can often see you the same day so if you’ve decided to treat yourself to a day of shopping and treatments, call ahead and see if you can add an extra luxury to your day. 

If you need some more inspiration on how to delve into your well-being and self-care, then Waterstones and Magazine Heaven are both full of literature that will inspire. Waterstones offers all of the latest titles that can be great motivators to not only step away from our devices but also learn more about ourselves. Magazine Heaven brings the art of a printed product to us with every issue of every magazine ready at your fingertips. So get back into your hobbies, find a new one or explore the wellness section to find a new magazine to flick through over a coffee. 

At Rushden Lakes, we take well-being seriously and want you to arrive at our shopping centre ready to relax and treat yourselves. So whether you add a treatment to your trip or stop for a walk with a coffee from one of our leisure terrace outlets, we hope you can take a minute to stop and focus on yourself.